Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girls Camp

I took a couple days off of work so I could drive some of my Laurels (16 to 18-year-old girls) to girls camp between their driver's education classes. After only two days and one night at camp, I managed to come home with a funky sunburn and some fun memories. The sunburn occurred because of a malfunctioning bottle of spray-on sunscreen. It wouldn’t spray on evenly, so now my arms are all spotted, so I look like a leopard, and my forehead and arms are striped. It’s not a good look for me. Oh well.

The theme of our camp this year was "The Road to Virtue". Our ward was named the Wandafizzle Triumph Biker Chicks. Diane, our ward camp director, had everyone create motorcycles using balloons, pool noodles, and duct tape. My bike was nicknamed "The Witch" because we ran out of pool noodles and I had to use a broom. They were so funny. Diane has to be the most creative person I've ever known. We wore green bandanas and brightly colored ponchos we made. Every time we were called to flag ceremony, we rode through the pasture on our motorcycles singing our ward cheer: "At the sound of TRIUMPH, on to victory!" We were so cool.

In the time I was there, we made necklaces with dog tags, decorated flip flops, did a service project, took a hike, made ice cream in cans, sang songs, watched a movie (Johnny Lingo), kidnapped campers then set them free by listing 15 great things about them, performed a skit titled "Poncho Libre", looked at the constellations, talked, laughed, ate, listened to our stake president speak, and bore our testimonies. It was a great experience. I loved getting to know the girls in new circumstances and surroundings. We have a wonderful group of young women!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kid Quotes

Me: Why are you late to school today?
Student: Oh. I was pretending to be sick.
I love the honesty.

Test Question: Define the word nun.
Answer: A nun is a woman that worships God and lives in a convict.

Test Question: Define the word pilgrimage.
Answer: Arms for the poor?

Test Question: Who was Michelangelo?
Answer: Michelangelo died in the year of 1564 with many sculptures, pants, architects, and poems and much more stuff that he made and wrote.


Shortly after receiving my Master's, I applied to be an educational technology specialist for the new school district. I found out Friday that I got the job! I am very excited. It will be different not being in the classroom next year, but I am excited for the opportunity to learn and try new things and to help teachers use technology more effectively in their teaching. So, only three more weeks of being a 6th grade teacher, then new adventures!