Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's definitely time for me to write an update on my life. I haven't really written since October! This is definitely a case of "no news is good news". Things are going very well for me.

I am still loving my job as an educational technology specialist. I work with wonderful people. It's the perfect combination of teaching and technology. I get to learn new programs and "play" with new tech "toys" while still working with teachers and students. I have recently been asked to be team lead for our district-wide keyboarding program, so I have spent a lot of time researching, collecting data, and planning the best way to teach our students proper and effective keyboarding skills. I am also very involved in getting our district up and running on iTunesU. I have been working with teachers at each of my schools to have podcasts ready for our upcoming iTunesU debut. Things are great, and I really couldn't be happier at my job.

I am still the Young Women's President of my LDS ward. I love working with the girls. I worry about them constantly and hope they are making good choices. I now have a full "staff" of counselors, secretary, and advisers, and they help lighten the load and set wonderful examples for the girls. We just finished our New Beginnings program, where we explained the Young Women program to parents and stake and ward leaders in the form of a news broadcast. The girls were creative and so fun to watch.

In December, my baby brother, David, announced his engagement! We are so excited that Ciera will be joining our family.

Social Life:
What social life? (ha ha) Actually, I have been set up on a blind date recently, but it hasn't happened yet. We'll see... I've enjoyed spending time with my best friend, Kristine, before her first baby arrives this month. We had a fun baby shower for her in February. And I finally got to feel baby move on Saturday night. Very exciting!


Kristine said...

Yea! I was so glad you finally felt her move! =)

Ciera said...

You're awesome Kat. Last night Davey and I were talking about what an amazing person you are. So happy, beautiful and successful. We love you so much, you truly deserve all the best things in life :) !